Tori Wrånes is a vocalist and artist and has a transmedial artistic practice, which unfolds as performance, sculptures, videos or installations. Her use of sounds, musical instruments, costumes, props, architecture, and sculptures deforms her appearance and creates new rituals and dreamlike constellations. Choreography with sound might be a good way to describe her work, be it solo or with multiple performers, like opera-singers on bikes, musicians in a chairlift, or a singing rock. Lately, Wrånes has been occupied with developing her own Troll-technique;  an improvised, non-verbal, language based on rhythm and temperament.

Her recent solo shows are HANDMADE ACOUSTICS at Ujazdowski Castle for Contemporary Art in Warszawa, HOT POCKET at Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo; ÆLDGAMMEL BABY / Ancient Baby, Kunsthal Charlottenborg Denmark; FLUTE WARRIORS, w/Red Comunitaria Trans, Bogotà, Colombia; DRASTIC PANTS, Carl Freedman Gallery London. Bigger performances have been STONE and SINGER commissioned by the 19Th Biennale of Sydney (2014); YES NIX, commissioned by PERFORMA 13 New York; Colombo Art Biennale, Sri Lanka; Dhaka Art Seminars, Dhaka Bangladesh; CCA Lagos, Nigeria; The Eccentrics, Sculpture Center, New York. Recently she developed a commissioned work, NAAM YAI, for Thailand Biennale in Krabi. Wrånes is represented by Carl Freedman Gallery, Margate.


Born 1978 in Kristiansand, Norway

2007 – 2009 National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Master
2004 – 2007 National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Bachelor
2002 – 2003 Advanced programme in Music, HiA
2001 – 2002 Music, HiA
2000 – 2001 University of Ripon & York St. John, Experimental theatre

Selected performances
2019     LIPS DON´T CRY, Garage Museum of Contenporary Art, Moskva, Russia
2019     Sub Adventure, ILIOS Festival, Harstad, Norway
2018     NAAM YAI, Thailand Biennale, Krabi, Thailand
2018     SIRKLING, Ujazdowski Centre of Contemporary Art, Warszawa, Poland
2018     IMPROVISSATIONS 1-3, Dakar Biennale, in collaboration with Sanusi Ayomide, Ayodeji Adewale Yaro og Tone Kittelsen, Dakare, Senegal
2018     THE FUTURE IS OPEN, Prototype, New York
2017     SIRKLING excerpt, The Arts Arena, Paris
2017     FLUTE WARRIORS in collab with Red Communitaria Trans, Luringen, Kuir-Festival, Bogotá, Colombia
2017     WHEN YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME YOU HAVE TO RETHINK, in collaboration with Ayodeji Adewale Yaro, Biennale of Lagos, Nigeria
2017     Trollfjord, Coast Contemporary, Hurtigruta, Norway
2017     SIRKLING, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway
2017     Lil’ Bim, Do Disturb, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
2016     Reading, Seeable Sayable at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
2016     No Head, The Watermill Center, Nyc, USA
2016     Crane Ballet, Foundation-stone ceremony for the new National Museum in Oslo, Norway
2016     The Eccentric, Sculpture Center New York
2016     A Mortal Song, Disjecta, Portland, Oregon
2016     Multistand, Drastic Pants, Carl Freedman Gallery, London; England
2015     TENNIS CAT, with Hanne Kolstø and Jan Erik Mikalsen 1646, The Hague
2015     TRACK of HORNS, Transart, Bolzano, Italy
2015     Troll 3, Chart-Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015     Transetrollet 2, Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival, Chicago
2015     Swinging Speaker, The Norwegian Party, Palazzo Zeno, La Biennale la de Venezia
2015     Transetrollet, Storefront Art and Architecture, New York
2015     Rickshaw Ballet, Samdani Seminars, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2014    YOUR NEXT VACATION IS CALLING, Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö
2014     STONE and SINGER, 19. th Biennale of Sydney, You Imagine What You Desire
2013     YES, NIX, commissioned for Performa 13 New York, USA                            
2013     NEO_BAROQUE, Performance-festival, Varazdin, Croatia                                 
2012     I wish this was a song: music in contemporary art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway 2012    Wundergrund, Nymusikk, Glyptoteket, København, Denmark
2012     Five Thousand Generations of Birds, Fitjar, Norway
2012     Topsy Turvy, De Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, Netherland
2012     Festspillene i Bergen, International Festival in Bergen, Norway
2012     SPIN ECHO, Disney Concert Hall Parking structure, Art in the parking space LAXART, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2012    Colombo Art Biennale, Sri Lanka
2011    The Opposite is also True 2, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2011     Flash Face with Hanne Kolstø, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning/Centre of Contemporary Art, København, Danmark
2011     Natural Enough?, Hove festivalen, in collaboration with Jan Erik Mikalsen, Arendal
2011     Oo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark
2011     Everyone got something great, Haninge Konsthall, Stockholm
2011     Talking/Singing by Geir Johnsen, Human Resources at Cottage Home, Los Angeles
2011     The Fanzy Finger, Night Gallery, Los Angeles
2011     Non Festival, Bergen
2011     Black Vulva, Hi-Lite Gallery, Los Angeles
2011     The opposite is also true, Bergen Kunsthall
2010     33303377777336444886, text Olav Benestvedt, Avant Garden Teaterhus, Trondheim
2010     Nature took me for a ride, Moldejazz, Art Center in Møre og Romsdal, Norway
2010     Performance in Børre Sæthres exhibition 2010 N.N. Festspillene i Nord Norge
2010     Loose Cannon, LIAF (Lofoten International Art Festival)
2010     Everyone got something great, Nationaltheatret, Oslo
2010     Black Vulva, Hello Glossalolia, Zombie Requiem, Trama Festival de Performatives, Porto Portugal
2009    Hotchpotch, with Christian Hennie, MK II, London
2009    The Lonely Choice of a Multipersonality, Hamar Kunstbank
2009    Zombie Requiem, Flaggfabrikken, Landmark Bergen
2009    BOBO, This I can't tell you, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
2009    The mammel, final year show, (Master), Stenersenmuseet.
2009    Zombie Atlantic, (the face buried in a dead body) Rekord, Oslo
2008    Coal Velvet, Bethanien, Kunstraum Kreutzberg Berlin
2008    Hello Glossalolia, UTKANTEN, UKS, Oslo
2008    Perfomance-polaire, Collaboration with Vigdis, Palais de la decouverte, Paris
2008    Inside the Mammel / doubtful Predator, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Contemporary Art/Rekord
2007    Biting like a dog asleep outside of time with a piece of cake in the gap, with Olav Benestvedt, UKS/Black Boks, Perform 07, Paris
2007    Grounded Organ, Stenersenmuseet, Final Year Show, (Bachelor).
2006    Black Vulva, composition for voice and accordion, pipshow, Oslo
2006    Melofonic Shadowzone, performance in a parkinglot, Kr.Sand, Norway
2005    Over Kvåsen, by Rune Belsvik, Agder Teater, directed by Anne-Karen Hytten

Selected exhibitions
2019    Tori Wrånes, solo, Göteborg Konstmuseum, Sweden
2019    Nordic Impressions, Scandinavian House, Nyc
2019    Nordic Impressions, Chicago, Washington, U.S.A.
2018    Handmade Acoustics, Ujazdowski Centre of Contemporary Art, Warszawa, Poland
2017    Ældgammel Baby, Kunsthall Charlottenborg, København, Denmark
2017    Exquisite Cadaver, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norwayt
2017    Hot Pocket, (solo) Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Art,
            Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway
2017    Absent Bodies, group show, OSL Contemporary, Oslo, Norway
2017    Centre de création contemporaine olivier debré, Tours, France
2016    A Sieve Itself May Sieve, Shanaynay Gallery, Paris, France
2016    Stadstriennale, Trade Marks, Hasselt and Genk, Belgia
2016    Shapeshifters, Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
2016    Drastic Pants (solo), Carl Freedman Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2016    This Mortal Song (solo), Disjecta, Portland, U.S.A.
2016    The Eccentrics, Sculpture Center, New York, U.S.A.
2015    TENNIS CAT (solo), 1646, The Hague, The Netherlands
2015     Jubileumsutstilling, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand, Norway
2015     Lyden av Kunst, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design,
2015     Europe, Europe, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, Norway
2014     Psychomagic: Dead Matters, 55 Sydenham Rd, Sydney, Australia
2014     19th Biennale of Sydney, You Imagine What You Desire, Australia
2013-14 Tusen Tråder - En historiefortelling i Tekstil, sculpture in collaboration with
              Ann Cathrin November Høibo og Else Marie Jakobse
2012     I wish this was a song: music in contemporary art, Museum of Contemporary
             Art, Oslo, Norway
2012     Game of Life, in collaboration with Ann Cathrin November Høibo og Else Marie
             Jakobsen, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norway
2012     Colombo Art Biennale in collaboration with Erik Pirolt, Sri Lanka
2011      RUN´n JUMPS (Solo) Haninge Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2011      Two by Two: The Church of animals, Museum of Public Fiction, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
2010     Decenter II, Tumult, Marienborg, Denmark
2010     GIANT BOWL, Bislett Stadion, Oslo, Norway
2009    Hotchpotch, London, U.K.
2009    Kunsten å falle, Preus Museum
2009    To be heard is to be seen, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway
2009    The Windmills of our Minds, Örebro Konsthall
2009    Final Year Show, Stenersenmusee
2008    UTKANTEN, (Solo) UKS
2008    Horizons and Fragments, Land-art, European Capital of Culture, Stavanger, Norway
2007    Air is Wet With Sound, Rekord
2007    Take-off 07, Galleri Brandstrup
2006    Høstutstillingen 06, Kunstnernes Hus
2006    Der Kleine Mench D.O.R (performancegroupe, NO) Verk/work, Forsbacka, Sweden

Collected by
Gõteborg Konstmuseum
Astrup Fearnley Museet
Sørlandets Kunstmuseum
Museet for Samtidskunst,  National Museum of Art, Architecture and design
Preus Museum, Horten
Privat Collections

Represented by
Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK

Grants and Residence
2017-2027 Norwegian Government Work Grant, 10 years
2017    Oslo Kommune, Diversestipend
2017    Iaspis, Stockholm, Sverige
2016   Watermill Center, New York
2014 - 15 ISCP, New York (OCA).
2013 - 15 Norwegian Government Work Grant, 3 years
2013 - 15 Atelie Gamle Rådhuset, Oslo Kommune
2012    Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards grant
2010 – 12 Norwegian Government Work Grant, 3 years
2011     Nominated for Statoil Art Award
2011     SAIR, Sølyst Artist in Residence, Denmark
2010 - 11 Skylar Haskard Residence, Los Angeles
2010    Sparebanken pluss Art Grant
2010    Vilde Von Kroghs Courage-Grant
2009   Christian Lorch Shives og Hustrus Legat , 1 year
2008 - 2009 Cultiva Ekspress Grant
2008   Norske Billedkunstneres støtteordning for studerende kunstnere.
2007   Kristiansand Kommune Kunstnerstipend, education grants
2003   Lise og Arnfinn Heies Fond
2003   Kristiansand Kommune, establishing scholarship for youn artists